Kathryn Evans

Professional artist & Boo mom

Kathryn lives in Pasadena with her adventurous cat, Boo. Having long been active with animal rescue groups, Kathryn will be donating a portion of the proceeds from her calendar to animal welfare organizations.

Kathryn Evans is an artist from New Haven, CT where she co-owned a shop carrying works of local artists, while also working at The Yale University Art Gallery.

She moved to Los Angeles for the sunshine and warmth – and ended up finding her dream job. Starting as a set painter for film, tv, and theme parks, she was eventually hired at Walt Disney Imagineering as a Paint and Color Specialist in the Model Shop. During the pandemic she painted miniature sets for stop motion animation on Robot Chicken. Other fun projects included spiders and owls for a Harry Potter attraction in London, and a Halloween baking show with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog.

Kathryn lives in Pasadena with her adventurous cat, Boo. She has always been active with animal rescue groups. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the calendar will go towards supporting animal welfare organizations.


Adventurous cat & calendar model

Boo is a senior kitty who will turn 19 in October of 2021. Still enjoying life, the adventurous, yet toothless Boo proudly brings Kathryn uninjured baby opossums. He continues to pose for paintings, and makes new friends on Instagram every day.

Boo was originally found roaming the streets of South Central L.A. He then had the good fortune of being rescued and taken to Wonderland Avenue in the Hollywood Hills. He had a happy life there, until his owner was hauled off to jail. Being a good neighbor, and since he was already best buddies with my cat, Charlie, I decided to take him in.

He and Charlie would run off after breakfast and I wouldn’t see them again until they were called for dinner. My friends were always amazed to see them come running in from wherever they were. It is rare for cats to come when called.

Boo is a long haired black cat. He may have some Norwegian Forest Cat in him as there are tufts of hair between his toes. His eyes are a golden green and he wears a red heart shaped tag on his collar. He is very social. If you opened your door, he would gladly enter and act as if he was personally invited in.

I didn’t realize the extent of his “visiting” until I went on vacation and had a friend cat sit. She never saw him over the two weeks I was gone. We were both worried as he was an older cat and was on medication. When I returned home, I posted signs in the neighborhood. He came home theat same night. However, the following days I received several calls. One of which was from a woman who fed him lunch each day for the past twelve years. Another young girl called me to say he was best friends with her sister – who was a special needs child. That broke my heart.

At 16, the vet said he would develop CFKD in two years. I started to spoil him with fancy food and healthy supplements. At 17, I wanted what I thought was our last year together to be special, so I started to paint portraits of him with whimsical plays on his name. Soon I had enough for a calendar.

Boo will be 19 in October of 2021 and still proudly brings me uninjured baby opossums. He continues to pose for paintings, and makes new friends on Instagram every day.

2022 The Many Lives of Boo Calendar
limited edition calendar

This spiral bound 12 month wall calendar features the original artwork of California artist, Kathryn Evans. The 1st run of this limited edition calendar sold quickly. Only an additional 100 calendars have been printed, so secure a copy today before time runs out!

Remember, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Many Lives of Boo calendar will be donated to animal welfare organizations.


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The Many Lives of Boo Cat Calendar